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6 x 6 x1.25 inch

2 sided - Carpet/Speed Carbon Fabric (NEW)

100% washable and dry on low heat

Full sublimation printing

Speed Rating 4/8

Non-crack fabric and resin pellets



Proprietary mix of fills to achieve fullness in hand and professional level control and play.“Carpet” side is non-printable material, will be quick speeds new but slows down as it is broke in.


Blocks are easily placed with a bit more touch, and all of this combined with the fill make “flops” or “rolls” or “crawlers possible.Fast side is a basket weave fabric similar in thickness to the slick side of the ProSG, but a touch faster.


The hole action and scoring ability of this bag will be superior in the hands of a skilled thrower in all but just a few conditions.


Break-in instructions M48’s.- Hot water soak for 5-10 min in large mixing bowl, massaging bags - Add 1/2 cup of bag conditioner, massage bags again- Let them sit in water/conditioner mix for 10-15 min- Rinse and air dry


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